Guide for Material Processing

We prepared for our customers helpful information on how to process our different materials. 

How Engrave Insulated Bottles

Read more on how to personalise our insulated drinking bottles made out of high-grade stainless steel

Engraving Linen Books

Learn more on how to engrave your linen books and create customised gifts for various occasions

Tips for processing stamp rubber

Get tips on how to achieve the best results when cutting and engraving stamp rubber

Tips for smoke-free processing of cork

Decorative and functional applications with a natural touch. Learn more here.

Working with engravable wood

Learn how to determine engraving parameters for solid wood and veneers.

How to work with TroLase Foil

Learn how to make stickers with kiss-cut techniques

NEW: TroGlass Mirror

Everything you need to know about TroGlass Mirror and how to process it.

NEW: TroGlitter

Discover the perfect parameters for working with TroGlitter

Cast acrylic glass

Find out more about how to process cast acrylic glass

How to process TroCraft Eco

An environmentally-friendly material made from pure cellulose fiber.

Engravers handbook
Tips for Engravers

Our new handbook offers tips and tricks for engraving. Just pay with a tweet.

Download Trotec's "Handbook for engravers"

laser engraving sheets
Laser engraving laminates

Read useful tips and tricks on how to achieve the optimum result when laser engraving laminates.

What are plastic engraving sheets?

Learn about the technical background of the most commonly used two-layer laser engraving materials.

laser engrave thin laminates
TroLase Thins engraving tips

Find application tips and tricks for the lightweight and tough material TroLase Thins.

Manual cutting of engraving materials / laser materials
Manual cutting of Trotec materials

Read our recommendations for manual cutting of our laser and engraving materials.

Tips for laser processing acrylic sheets

Cast acrylic can be laser engraved and laser cut with a CO2 laser. Find out more by reading our useful tips for laser processing acrylic.

Create permanent, black markings on metals, glass and ceramics with a CO2 laser

Learn how to use markSolid marking sprays and pastes in our tutorial.